200 Hour Yoga Teacher Traning India


Why 2OO Hour Yoga Teacher Traning   with Himalayan Yogistic

“Awakening our spiritual body”…This is our specialty. We practice yoga together not only for Asana or correct alignment but also focus on our inner part. 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India  During our TTC program or retreat program, we do Hanuman Chalisa (mantra chanting), kirtan music session, fire ceremony, karma yoga(selfless action yoga), etc… every day. We do believe that all the spiritual activities will be the trigger to awake our spiritual part, remove negative energies, receive the positive energies, and give the good vibrations for all which exists in this universe.
Our yoga sessions are physically challenging but energetically balanced allowing yourself to explore their limits and develop physically. Our experienced and professional teachers teach you many kinds of yoga and always pay special attention to awaken of breath and harmonizing energy. So while joining the yoga session, you’ll feel the spiritual energy from the teachers and the environment as well.

200-hour Yoga Teacher Training India course is a program designed to give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to teach Himalayan Hatha Yoga worldwide.
This program includes Basic and Intermediate, advanced level of yoga asanas which one you can learn step by step deepen your own practice. Our Yttc has more focused on dynamic breathing technique which one help remove your internal blockage and more prana and oxygen flow every single part of your body. In the program, you learn how to physically and prana move and mantra move together and create your own balance Yogic practice every day to grow your Yogic practice day by day. our Community design this life-changing one help your physical and mental body to prepare for Transformation your self spiritual Journey find your own true nature which runs with our every single breath ‘Soham ‘means I am that that means we are playful, joyful, fearless, blissful. Our classes running base of theme which one help control your thought during yoga classes. is as much about deepening your own practice as it is about gaining the skills to share with others. We passionately believe in the significance of your own journey of discovery and experience on the development of your unique personal voice and style as a teacher and give you a happy attitude in your daily life

Hatha Yoga (Balance Yoga class)

Himalayan Hatha yoga is digen asana practice with dynamic breathing (prana kriyas and theme of mantra. which helps balance our physical, mental, spiritual body. Hatha yoga means balance sun and moon energy take your next level to become a well being that is the aim of Hatha yoga practice Hatha Yoga is part of Raja Yoga, one of the paths of yoga. In total there are four paths of yoga which, when followed precisely, can help a person reach the state of Samadhi or Liberation, the ultimate goal of yoga. The four paths are:
Raja Yoga or Yoga of Control
Bhakti Yoga or Yoga of Devotion
Karma Yoga or Yoga of Action
Gyan Yoga or Yoga of knowledge


200 hour Yoga Teacher Traning India   you will
1.Learn how to adjust yoga asana during yoga class
2.Understand the basic concepts of yoga asanas
3.Explore the modifications of the asana
4.Learn each asana how to effect each chakra
5.Learn how to manage our thoughts during yoga classes
6.Learn and teach challenging asana of the physical and mental body
7.Learn how to balance our five prana by prana kriyas
8.Exepernice of different types of breathing technique and meditation techniques
9.Transformation self by fire healing therapy
10.Blance your daily life routine by Yogistic journey


You want to learn how your Transformation your life
You want to learn how you balance your physical body, mental body, spiritual body
You want to live an ashram life to balance our daily life environment
You want to improve your physical strength and flexible mind
You want to change your life experience
You won’t get an experience of how to balance our daily life with yogic tools
Are you looking to Holistic yogic approach to explore self with awareness
You want to go deeper into your yogic journey
You looking get fire healing therapy (fire ceremony) to balance fire element in our body
Are you looking at how we manage our attitude and give a happy attitude in our daily life


You will receive a 200-hour certification eligible to be registered with Yoga Alliance US from Sanskar Yogashala

Course Details

In this course, you learn Asana, Pranayama, and prana kriyas techniques and share yogic knowledge with your friends who practiced this journey with you. there will be time to develop ones own asana, learn about benefits and checking point to every single part of the body, as well as share to your friends which you learn during teaching sessions


This life-changing program will be covered beginner, intermediate, advanced asana variations. you learn how to do yoga asana and how to come back from that asana, how to use the breath in the asana, befits, checkpoint and alignment of per asana, how to assist the student in the pose.
You will cover standing, forward bending, side bending, twisting asana, seated asana, asana on the Abdomen, asana on the back, balancing asana, inverted asana, and meditation asana. you will receive how to per each asana techniques for different kind of age and levels, how to use per asana different kind of health problems. In this training you will learn how prana works in the asana and how we balance our ego, emotions, felling by asana with the right breathing flow in our body.


During training, you will learn a different kind of Pranayama technique slow deep breathing, medium breathing, dynamic breathing which helps to balance our prana flow in our body. In the modern time deep breathing not work proper way but not clean our inner body so as well as we work on dynamic breathing prayer for deep breathing than Pranayama gives you a lot of benefits. you will revise the benefit of every pranayama techniques .200 the Hour Yoga Teacher Training India course you will learn abdomen breathing, the part of the breath, Surya Bedi Pranayama, Chandra Bedi Pranayama, Anulom Vilom Pranayama, Ujjayi Pranayama,kapalabhati Pranayama, Surya Muki Pranayama, and how you use bandhas and kumbhaka (breath-hold ).


You will cover in this training the following kriyas, benefits for own practice at home, and how to introduce the kriyas in the class: JAL Neti, Raber Neti,kunjal kriya, Agni Sara, tratak and kapalabhat


In this training you wi learn different kinds of mediation for balance your mind and ready to go deeper in the meditation Guided meditation will be explored walking meditation, chakra meditation, self-own meditation, yoga Nidra techniques, Mantra Meditation, Gayatri Mediation.


We will explore the idea of different Mantras of God and goddess receive a lot of and blessings from Mantra. chant Guru Mantra beginning of class and Gytari mantra, mahamrityunjay mantra every day in the morning fire ceremony. Guru mantra, Jyoti mantra, Shanti mantra, etc.


Himalayan Yogistic Community provides you many opportunities to transform yourself by Kirtan and Satsang way. We perform Kirtan and Satsang sessions in the evening time after dinner. That makes the environment religious and sundry individuals in their sweet voices of serenade and it requires involvement.
Kirtan and Satsang are part of Bhakti yoga, and it calls and responds by chanting the sacred names of God from the Indian devotion tradition. Satsang is gathering together as truth-seekers in the Community.
We all navigate our paths through this wild world.
Transformational experiences will also include some rituals, sharing, healing circles.


This class will focus on introducing you to the basic philosophy, concepts, and history of yoga. It will cover the various traditional philosophies and viewpoints, insights from modern research, and ways in which the essence of this holistic life-view can be integrated into a modern lifestyle.
Patanjali’s eight limbs of yoga.

Hatha yoga pradipika

Five pranas,five-element, 10 senses

Four paths of Yogic journey

Understanding about Yoga Sutra

Panch koshas


In this course, you will learn Positive & conscious communication Friendship, and trust with society. Explore to self how to become a Transformation teacher trainer rather than just an instructor .creating a safe space, Qualities of a teacher, Principles of demonstrating, observation, assisting, correcting, Use of voice in class, Mental & emotional preparation for teaching, Class preparation, Time management, Step by step class structure planning to Balance Hatha Yoga class, creating a Yogic environment, which kind of dress should be as a teacher, yogic dress, food, how to create a happy attitude in the class.

Physical Anatomy


Our functional anatomy classes ensure an understanding of the key muscles and bones involved in asana practice and their associated health benefits and contraindications. Substantial emphasis is placed on analytic training, muscular and skeletal anatomy, individual limitations, and differences. The specially designed practical anatomy classes are the backbone of the alignment classes. You will learn the following in the anatomy classes


In this program starting teach to one pose in the techniques class.this will progress towards one asana to teach the whole group. After 2 weeks you will teach 3 classes with your friends. Each will teach 30 minutes whole 1-hour 30-minute class. after class, they will get feedback from friends and teachers .you will cover the following points.
The Career of Yoga
In this class, your teachers will guide you through how to develop your career as a yoga teacher, how to manage your own studio, school, or retreat center, building network with other yoga teachers, schools, studios, and retreats, among other topics related. our yoga Community also welcoming you join with us grow and share yogic knowledge with our worldwide yogis

Evaluation is based on:

Written Test
Asana Practical Test