Active Mind

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Active Mind

Having a youthful mind also drives you towards a healthy lifestyle that will slow the aging process. There is much wisdom in the classic saying ("a sound mind in a sound body") It reminds us that both mind and body are important,and that of the other. It has been shown that maintaining an active ,adaptable mind is one of the key factors in staying young. Just as a lack physical exercise has negative effects on our bodies and mood ,a lack of mental exercise is bad for us because it causes our neurons and neural connections to deteriorate-and ,as a result,reduces our ability to react to our surroundings. This is why it's so important to give your brain a workout by meditation and other mind activities. There is a tension between what is good for someone and what they want to do.this is because people,especially older people,like to do things as they've always done them. The problem is that when the brain develops ingrained habits,it doesn't need to think anymore.Things get done quickly and efficiently on automatic pilot,often in a very advantageous way.This creates a tendency to stick to routine,and the only way of breaking these is to confront the brain with new information.Presented with new information,the brain creates new connections and is revitalized .The is why it is so important to expose yourself to change,even if stepping outside your comfort zone means feeling a bit of anxiety. "You begin exercising your brain by doing a certain task for the first time ," And at first it seems very difficult,but as you learn how to do it ,the Training is already working .The second time ,you realize that it's easier,not harder,to do because you're getting better at it.This has a fantastic effect on a person's mood.In and of itself,it is a Transformation that affects not only the results obtained ,but also his or her self-image. " This description of a "mental workout "might sound a bit formal,but simply interacting  with others- playing a game, for example- offer's new stimuli and helps prevent the depression that can come with solitude .

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