May 20, 2022

Find A True Guru

If you wish to know the Path ask the one
Who is coming back from there.

The Chinese have a word called Shang shai and Japanese have word called Sensei
The Franch have word called Tutor
The Tibetan they use word Lama
The British they use word Guide
In Sanskrit We use called Guru
That Personality who Destroys from within us The Darkness of ignorance and take us to the light of Knowledge is the Guru .
You see even in the world if you wish a become an expert any field,you learn from somebody who is already an expert.

How do you fine a True Guru now ?
The Guru in the world you would look for the qualities that you would seek in the Guru .

1.He should be an expert in the field that you wish to learn :-
If you want a guru in music, he should have this vast fund of Knowledge,only then make it sense, For example, when you want to learn how to bake delicious and various kinds of breads, you need to find a good teacher who is expert of everything about bread…such as ingredients, the process to bake, the characteristics of each bread, food pairing, history, well known about the equipment, passion and love for bread etc…

2.The Guru Most be a role model:-
The Importance of role models is tremendous. The guru should be work or act harder than anyone and show the best example to others… nevertheless, not only talk. Also, The guru can motivate others based on his/her actions.

3.The Guru’s support should be available and accessible to us.:-

The guru should be reachable and supportive, especially when the students have in trouble or struggle with something. But the students can’t rely on the guru easily… it’s necessary to think a lot and carefully before asking for help. Needless to say, a big respectaion to the guru is essential.

4.We all want to know Does the Guru Care of us ?
The guru,however, sometimes don’t give some help or answer easily because the guru wants to make the students stronger or grow up more from that experience.

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