May 19, 2022

How to Maintain Your Motivation

How to Maintain your Motivation?

Currently, we have to “STAY AT HOME” as much as we can to get through this Covid 19 situation all around the world….so we have much more time to spend most of our time at home. Maybe some of you decide to do workout at home everyday and how is it so far? If you are struggled that you want to do everyday but actually you can’t, here are some tips to maintain your motivation. Let me share with you based on my personal experience by the view of psychology. (This story happened in 2018)

I used be like this….Since 2015, I have practiced yoga at a yoga studio, I was thinking that I want to practice yoga more. So I decided to buy a new package of monthly unlimited membership plan. (Before, I had practiced yoga once or twice in 1 week so my package was just 10 or 20 times tickets.) After I purchased it, I was excited and planning that I can practice yoga at least for 2 hours everyday.

Well, the first 3 days were ok, I could do that. But after that, I gradually started to think like this…”Oh I feel tired so I’ll skip today’s class” or ”I feel lazy to go to out for practicing…maybe I can practice at home(Actually I never ever did it!). Eventually, even though I purchased a new package which was more expensive, it was meaningless and I blamed myself a lot.

But if I knew how to motivate myself at that time, I’m pretty sure that the result would be different. So here are 3 tips to grow your motivation.

1, Set your goal or action that you can really continue for 1 week

It’s not necessary to make a big or final goal at one time. Let’s decide and try that you can really accomplish for 1 week without failing and keep observing yourself. No need to underestimate or overestimate yourself. Be neutral and observe yourself that what you really can do NOW. If you can do it, let’s move on to the next step and make it a bit difficult or harder, then try.

2, Sense of Achievement

Whenever doing your action which you decide, ask yourself that you can feel “some Sense of Achievements”. This is very important whether you can feel it or not. If you feel less or nothing, try to find other plan or actions until you really feel it.

3, Do it with someone

Sometimes, it would be difficult to continue alone everyday, but if you have someone with you and do it together, that is also a good idea. You may feel happier or more fun. Luckily, I have a good friend at yoga studio…who always motivates me a lot. She has been practicing yoga so hard everyday and she made me practice more. The person could be your guru, friends ( or maybe your favourite YouTubers) etc….so finding someone is good and would be a good booster to cheer you up.

Lastly, taking action is essential. No need to push yourself to hard but do it and keep trying to make a small step everyday. I hope this blog will give you a trigger to start something in your daily life and conquer this difficult situation. Hari om.

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Writer; Yogini Meera (Certified Yoga Teacher and Mental Trainer)

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