March 23, 2023
Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh

How to Remove Our Laziness

The biggest disease within the physical body is laziness. We all know what to try to do, but we don’t roll in that. Why?

This carelessness, this negligence, if it had been not there, we would make rapid progress. so laziness may be a reality of our life. we recognize it, and then we attempt to eradicate it. so remember, the body and mind are such, they’re going to become however you mold them to be. if you permit them the liberty they’re going to become masters of your soul. and that they are going to be the worst masters because the body will say I would like to sleep, and the mind will say I would like entertainment.

My body and mind say this. you have to subdue them and make them your servants, they will become the simplest servants. so repeatedly with willpower Reject the lazy option and choose the more energetic one in everything you are doing. Why don’t we do something with excellence? Laziness.

This chalta he mentality is what -Laziness. on the opposite hand, there are those that are committed to excellence in every little act of theirs. why? they need shredded it out. I will put within the better of my physical, and mental intellectual abilities, and hold myself to the very best standard, so first, you’ve got to push yourself. and slowly it becomes how of thinking and how of working. somedays you’re very inspired, some days you’re less inspired, some days you’re uninspired.

Let us understand why this happens. the mind is formed of the fabric energy, Maya. and Maya has 3 gunas-Sattwa, rajas,tamas. goodness, passion, ignorance, when the mind sattwic, you think the human form is so precious, I have a golden chance I need to reach the goal. you are inspired. later on, when the mind is rajasic within the mode of passion, you think yeah, I should do bhakti, but the worldly things also are important. and that they must be achieved before god. and when the mind becomes tamasic, in the mode of ignorance you begin thinking well, you know my friends don’t believe God, why is it that I even have to believe him? nobody has ever seen him.

Your enthusiasm gets shattered. the same person experiences different levels of enthusiasm at different hours in several days.

This if you experience it, realize it to be natural. as long as you’re under Maya, it will happen. but you don’t get to let it’s like this.

Sadhana means to fight it and to travel beyond how does one build up your enthusiasm?

Bring the right knowledge to your intellect. Daily sadhana is so important it’s food for my soul.

I don’t neglect food for the body, but the body is formed of mud. I am the soul. sadhana is more important than eating. and remember the importance of the golden chance you’ve got, so bring this data to your intellect. and then force the mind up to the extent of inspiration. join Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh and Start practicing the Yogic lifestyle.

You will need to work on correcting the intellect and aligning the mind. once you roll in the hay again and again and again, it will become natural to them. first, you’ve got to figure hard to create your inspiration, then it becomes naturality. and third, it becomes so natural you can’t act in the other way. that behavior has become a neighborhood of you. by repeated practice.

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