June 23, 2022

Understanding Ourselves

We have to understand ourselves to be able to compete with ourselves. What are our tendencies? What do we like? What do we not like? Where do we want to be in the future? These are only a few preliminary questions we need to answer to succeed. And this process of inquiry begins our journey of self -discovery.
Everyone has been gifted with special talents and skills. Every individual has something unique in them. If God were to reveal that talent to us straight away, from the very day we were born, there would be no excitement in our journey. God covers our talent, skills and potential only so that we have the chance to discover it. And in the process of doing so, in trying to figure out what we want to do with our lives, there is a tremendous sense of satisfaction. Self discovery is not a one time event but an ongoing evolution and as life goes on we discover how much we are capable of achieving.
Here are 2 tips to discover ourselves

1. Curiosity
Try to use your all senses and get something new as much as you live. Curiosities will give you many opportunities to work on your brain and get more knowledge. If you have something really interesting, don’t just google it, try it once by yourself and feel it. You may meet some unique people who have never met before in your life. Or, you may visit some new places and see beautiful landscape. Yes, it could be an adventure for you to discover something amazing… A lot of new things awaits you to grow yourself both physically and mentally. At the same time, the curiosities make you excited and stay young.
Keep challenging in our life is also very essential. As we get older, some people may afraid of making mistakes or afraid to hurt themselves. That kind of passive thoughts or conservative way may sometimes miss the big opportunities to discover ourselves. Back to our childhood, we didn’t care to get injury or make mistakes,or even results whatever we tried. We just followed our heart…what we really wanted to do and just tried. If, we had gotten some injuries, then we could have learned from that experience. Challenging is so much meaningful. Proud of yourself to challenge something new in your life. That experience will make you stronger, and allow you to meet a new you eventually.
We hope this blog will be a good trigger to understand yourself more and more. Keep trying to discover the “special gifts” from God, receive, and open them. Make your life covered with a lot of gifts and have a marvelous life with them. Hari om.

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