June 22, 2022

Yogic Diet

The proper yoga diet is traditionally a lacto-vegetarian one, consisting of grains, pulses, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds.
As well as being simple, natural and wholesome, this diet takes into account the subtle effects of food has on the mind and the prana.
Annamaya Kosha (The physical body ) is made of food. Our whole life can be seen as the effects of the interaction of food and life, of matter and energy, which are respectively food and the eater of food.
Food is converted into energy, and the energy is used from food. Food is the door to a healthier life. It helps keep us free of bodily problems so that the mind can concentrate and the spirit can grow.

All of nature, including our diet, is categorized into three qualities, or Gunas: Such as Sattvic (Pure ), Rajasic Food (Over -Stimulating ), Tamasic Food ( Putrefied).
A person’s mental may be judged from the type of food he /she prefers to eat.
Yogis believe not only that you are what you eat but also that you eat those foods which reflect your own level of mental and spiritual purity. As your life changes in a positive way, you will also see your food preferences improving.

Sattvic Food

The foods which increase life, purity, strength, health, joy, and cheerfulness, which are savory and oleaginous, substantial, and agreeable, to the sattvic people.

Pure foods that increase vitality, energy, health, and joy, that are delicious, wholesome, substantial and agreeable are sattvic. These foods render the mind pure and calm and generate, equanimity, poise and peaceful tendencies.
Sattvic foods supply maximum energy, increase strength and endurance and help to eliminate fatigue even for those who do strenuous work. They promote a peaceful attitude and are conducive to the practice of meditation.
Foods should be as fresh and natural as possible, preferably, organically grown, not genetically modified and kept without preservatives or artificial flavorings. They should also be eaten in a natural a state as a possible n either raw, steamed or lightly cooked.
Grains such as corn, barley, wheat, unpolished rice, oats, millet and quinoa. Make sure you include in your diet coarse foods such as porridge and wholegrain breads. These are good for the teeth and jaws, and they stimulate the processes of digestion and eliminate. Grains supply the necessary carbohydrates the main source of energy for the body, and they also contain about half the amino acids that are needed to form protein.

Rajasic Food

Foods that are bitter, sour, excessively, hot, pungent, dry.
And buming foods are liked by the rajasic and are productive of pain, grief and disease.

The Yoga diet avoids rajasic foods because they overstimulated the body and mind. They excite the passions and boisterous tendencies, cause physical and mental stress, bring a restless state of mind and destroy the mind and body balance that is essential to happiness. Onions, garlic, radishes, coffee, tea, tabasco as well.
And stimulate of all kinds fall into the category, as do heavily spiced and salted ,chemical -riddled, convenience foods and snacks. Refined (white) sugar, soft drinks, prepared mustards, pungent spices,
Highly seasoned foods and anything that is excessively hot, bitter, sour, saline are all rajasic. These are best avoided.
Strong spices and condiments over stimulate the mind as well as irritate the mucous membranes of intestines. Rajasic foods increase lust, anger, greed, selfishness,
violence and egoism. Those are barriers that separate people from each other and their realization of the Divine.
Rajasic is the energy that creates dissension in life and wars in the world.

Tamasic Food

That food which is state, tasteless, putrid, rotten and impure refuse is the food like by the Tamasic.

Tamasic food makes a person dull, inert, and lazy; it robs individuals of high ideals, purpose, and motivation. In addition, it accentuated the tendency to suffer from chronic ailments and depression and fills the mind with darkness, anger, and impure thoughts. Abandoning tamasic food needs to be among the first positive lifestyle changes you make.
Meat, fish, all intoxicants (alcoholic beverages, marijuana, opium, etc.)are tamasic in nature. Meat -eating and alcoholism are closely allied. The cravings for alcohol dies a natural death. When meat is withdrawn from the diet.
Deep -fried foods are indigestible and are considered tamasic. The fat penetrates into them and the digestive juice of the stomach can’t act on them. Additionally, the fine, nutritive essence which is beneficial to health is destroyed by frying.

However, please remember that this division of foods into sattvic-rajasic-tamasic is a comparative one and is not absolute. It is meant to help you gain the insight to change your diet in a positive direction.

Hari om 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

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