May 30, 2023

Yogistic Tools For Transformation

Yogistic means to connect with all Yogic tools in our daily life and self development physically, mentally and
spiritually.The Himalayan Yogistic brings forward Holistic Yogistic for Transformation

Culture &Nature Experience –We have some spiritual or cultural activities
to awake our inner part and discover new things of ourselves.

Transformation Experience — Our Yoga Community Provides you many opportunities to Transform Yourself

Fire puja ( Fire Healing therapy)— Our Yoga Community offer you daily fire ceremony.
It is performed by vedic Tradition.Druing the ceremony ,We offer herbs in the fire to balance our fire element in our body.also balance our sun and moon energy in our nice plants of the universal.

Karma Yoga — The word “Karma” means action. In Sanskrit, it is said Seva and the meaning is service.So Karma Yoga is Selfless Action Yoga.In the Bhagavad Gita, Shri Krishna said “Do your duty without the concern to the fruit of it”.Our community, we do karma yoga every Sunday. For example, take care of garden, clean yoga hall and other things…. which can help you to balance your ego and give service to our yoga community. By these actions, we can polish our karma.

Yoga & Meditation — Our Yoga Community we provide many kinds of yoga classes every morning and evening time.What we practice together are: Hatha yoga, classical Kundalini yoga, Asthanga Vinyasa yoga, Sathkarma, Pranyama and so on. Our program is for a “life transformation” so once you get the proper knowledges and experiences, you can motivate and heal many people more(of course for yourself as well!). During yttc program, we also provide some art of asana workshop which can help you to develop yourself to modern style of yoga.

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